Beyond Happiness: The 6 Secrets of Lifetime Satisfaction


Change the Goal, Not the Feeling

A psychologist’s six-step roadmap to a life beyond happiness—one of sustainable lifetime satisfaction.

Dr. Jennifer Guttman is a strong advocate of providing guidance for self-improvement outside of the confines of traditional therapy, and to that end, her techniques work so well because of their universal applicability. In Beyond Happiness, Dr. Guttman lays out six strategies that will empower you to gain control over your own happiness: starting is easy, closing is hard; decision-making; facing fears; reducing people-pleasing behaviors; avoiding assumptions; and active self-reinforcement.

The immense success that Dr. Guttman has had using these techniques within her practice is a testament to just how effective they are. She has shown how moving beyond happiness to contentment is a very achievable and rewarding journey.