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Queen Bess: A Tudor Comes to Save America


Self-made billionaire Dakota Wynfred is convinced that the only way to save American democracy is by putting the last Tudor Queen in the Oval Office.

Dakota Wynfred will stop at nothing to prevent the reelection of the vile US president, Robert Vlakas, who wants to nationalize her cybersecurity company and simultaneously set fire to the Constitution. And that includes finding a champion who can defeat him in the 2028 presidential election.

But it won’t be easy because Dakota’s champion of choice—though brilliant, politically savvy, charming, and tough enough to survive multiple assassination attempts—happens to have been dead for over 400 years.

So, what if Queen Elizabeth I has never heard of electricity, Netflix, or Uber?

Dakota’s team of experts travel back in time to try to convince Elizabeth to leap more than four centuries into the future to embark on a quest to become the greatest woman ruler in history…again.