Be Your Own Cheerleader: An Asian & South Asian Woman’s Cultural, Psychological, and Spiritual Guide to Self-Promote at Work


Be Your Own Cheerleader is the first book to help Asian and South Asian women self-advocate and self-promote in Corporate America.

The intention for Be Your Own Cheerleader is to help professional Asian and South Asian women—who have toggled between the two very different cultures of East and West—thrive in the workplace. When you are raised in the collective we, it is very difficult to make a name and place for yourself in the individual I. Not only are you unskilled in advocating for yourself, but you are also unsure of how to be proud of your work or accomplishments. Neelu Kaur’s analysis of various research is at the intersection of leadership and wellness, offering a cultural, psychological, and spiritual approach to rising as a leader while simultaneously addressing mental wellbeing.

This is the first book to help Asian and South Asian women succeed in the North American workplace. Be Your Own Cheerleader is divided into three sections: Cultural, Psychological, and Spiritual. Each section is designed to give Asian and South Asian women different tools in their toolkit to be their own cheerleader at work.