BE…: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity

By Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, Lisa Vrancken

Spark your imagination. Shed limiting beliefs. Find your voice.

BE… is a multidimensional approach to bringing out the magic in you. Braided with universal truths and the power of the Divine Feminine, our book is all about being happy, aligned, and intentional in life and business.

The words, stories, and practices in this book help you to take a step back, break free from modern myths about productivity and worth, and release what’s no longer serving you. An everyday exploration of your authentic passion, BE… is our supportive guide to a clear, visionary, and prosperous future.

BE… is a unique collaboration between three incredible co-authors: Ashley Black, a #1 national bestselling author and a 2020 ABA Entrepreneur; Korie Minkus, a renowned brand strategist, global consultant, and motivational speaker in more than thirty countries; and Lisa Vrancken, an award-winning television producer and marketing/brand expert.

Together, we take a deep dive into the four pillars—passion, purpose, products, and prosperity. Our book offers more than a dozen exercises and actions (we call them Movements!) to get you thinking, feeling, and flowing. Woven with our personal stories and insights, along with words of wisdom from Randi Zuckerberg, Natasha Grano, and so many more, BE… cracks the code to put your purpose in motion.

BE… is a fun, light-hearted read to illuminate the fractures of the past and fill them with love. Definitely not your ordinary business book, our first collaboration is really about the journey back home to yourself.

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“This group of amazing women have made it so the ideas flying around in my head that I always shoo away, have the courage to be voiced. MY ideas are good and they are needed. I was dimming my own light for fear of what others think. NO MORE! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley, Korie, and Lisa.”

Crystal Baker – Greenville, SC – Entrepreneur

“The three of you amazing ladies have made me realize that I do have purpose and I do have passion. I am currently turning my passion into a business. This group has given purpose for that, and I thank you.”

Judy Cennami – Portsmouth, NH – Owner of JudyblueArt

“This movement has inspired me that I AM an unstoppable creation, with endless possibilities. This book is vital for women because it ignites the Divine Feminine on a journey of metamorphosis to integrate their knowledge and take soul-aligned actions!”

Red Salvation – Orlando, FL – CEO of Skin Salvation Solutions