Be a Winner!: Life’s Handbook for Joy and Success


One of the nation’s most influential business minds and investors shares his secrets for business, personal, and financial success.

Bryan C. Cressey has built major investment firms, created a pathbreaking enterprise that helps the homeless and addicted positively transform their lives, and assisted in creating companies who are improving our nation’s healthcare. He spent ten years compiling what he has learned and the tools he uses so you can turn your life into what you wish.

At the heart of the book, Cressey wants you to know how to:

  • Describe your dreams and move toward attaining them
  • Turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality
  • Diagnose the future of a company you may want to work for
  • Find joy and fulfillment in your life along with success
  • Connect more enjoyably and deeply with people
  • Eliminate the usual barriers to success
  • Create success tailwinds
  • Invest most wisely
  • Become creative and utilize the powers generated from your ideas
  • Negotiate, especially when making important, high stakes, long-term buying and selling decisions
  • Assess a company—whether to purchase it or join as an employee—illustrated with examples from his four decades
  • Grow a company, including the most important metrics and strategies he employs in the companies his firm owns
  • Evaluate a CEO or manager, and know whether that person is a good fit for the role