Be a Winner!: Life’s Handbook for Joy and Success


One of the nation’s most influential business minds and investors shares his secrets for business, financial, and personal success.

Be a Winner!: Life’s Handbook for Joy and Success promises to be the guidebook to the personal, financial, and investing success that many people are searching for.

Bryan C. Cressey’s new book provides core building blocks, such as the fundamental principles for success learned over a lifetime of investing and building companies, the key traits that lead to success, and brief stories of application of these principles from his own life.

At the heart of the book, Cressey wants you to know:

  • How to negotiate, especially when making important, high-stakes, long-term buying and selling decisions.
  • How to assess a company – whether to purchase it or to join as an employee – illustrated with examples from his four decades of experience investing in, growing, buying, and selling hundreds of companies.
  • How to grow a company, including the most important metrics and strategies he employs in the companies his firm owns and manages.
  • How to evaluate a CEO or manager, and know whether that person is good fit for the role and/or the company.
  • How to spot business fraud, and the single key metric he discovered that has allowed him to see through opaque financial statements and avoid disastrous investments.
  • How to invest successfully, with contrarian advice for investors of any scale.
  • How to take risks.
  • How to build creativity and maintain curiosity in the C-suite: a process he developed for brainstorming and learning.
  • How to achieve a fulfilling and joyful life.