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Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days: Discovering What Makes America Great and Why We Must Fight to Save It


Larry Alex Taunton travels around the world and visits twenty-six countries to answer the question, “Is America exceptional?”

A battle rages for the heart and soul of America.

For some, America—imperfect as she is—stands out as an exception in a world wrecked by the triple threat of socialism, globalism, and multiculturalism. For them, America is, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “the last best hope on earth.”

For others, the idea of American exceptionalism is dead.They never tire of lecturing us about how out-of-step America is with the rest of the world and how she needs to get with it. Worse, America, they say, is bad for the world. Her freedom and prosperity are merely historical accidents. Award-winning author, columnist, and cultural commentator Larry Alex Taunton decided to put that notion to the test by literally going around the world to see how America stacks-up against twenty-six countries. What did he find?

The answer lies at the heart of a winner-take-all contest featuring two very different visions for America.