Americans Anonymous: Restoring Power to the People One Citizen at a Time


Define your purpose as an individual citizen and be a positive change maker in determining the future path forward for the United States of America.

Over the last several decades, most Americans have become increasingly aware that the people of this nation no longer determine its destiny—despite the intentions our founding fathers made clear in our founding documents. The two-party system has become a weapon used by those in power to maintain a status quo in Washington and on Wall Street. This system has revealed itself to be steeped in corruption, covert agendas, and a fast-evolving surveillance state.

We are living in a society where all citizens have been systematically stripped of independence, individual liberty, and personal privacy. A multitude of psychological tactics—executed by a public-private partnership that functions above our political class—has taken control of essentially all institutions. This includes academia, multinational corporations, and media that align with a future model of global governance rather than the auto-determination of individual nation states that coexist but are uniquely their own. The American people have been convinced that they have little or no power to object to anything—from excessive overreach, to enormous debt and taxes, to what is being taught in our schools, to who and where we can peacefully gather when we exercise our rights to address our grievances or have our voices be heard. All of this is by design, led by the few unelected and elitist puppet masters still pulling the levers to keep us endlessly divided, unable to see the pending end goal of the loss of the nation we all call home. This book explores the how, why, and who driving this agenda and explains what we can do to free ourselves.

Americans Anonymous dispels the myth that We the People no longer have a say, and aims to unravel and inoculate citizens against the programming and propaganda we are overtly and covertly subjected to. Americans Anonymous will give every individual citizen the tools and solutions to stand up, speak up, and show up as We the People return power to the masses, for the good of the people, where it belongs. This is our mission, one citizen at a time—to restore our foundational rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and equal justice for all.