American Bolsheviks: The Persecution of Donald Trump and the Sovietization of the United States of America


The radical left is methodically transforming America into a totalitarian socialist state just like the one she fled, warns an immigrant from Soviet Russia.

Written from the perspective of a witness who fled communism as a young woman in search of freedom and justice, American Bolsheviks draws parallels between what’s going on in today’s America and the key aspects of the totalitarian communist ideology that led to the destruction of the Soviet Union. In this book, Rebekah Koffler reveals the similar tools used by the Soviets and the current US government to ensure control of their citizens—each under the guise of equality and benevolence. Based on her firsthand experience, Koffler describes in chilling detail what it really means when your government “takes care of you” by giving you everything for free (or virtually free): healthcare, housing, transportation, education, vacations, and cultural enrichment.

After living in the United States and cherishing freedom for some thirty years, Koffler is now alarmed to see the relentlessly expanding censorship of free speech, suppression of religion, disarming of the citizenry, political weaponization of the legal system and government institutions, all-encompassing regulation of business, socialization of medicine, indoctrination of youth, spying on citizens, collusion between the government and the media, and the criminalization of political opposition. These are all the hallmarks of an authoritarian system of governance—one that the author is all too familiar with.