Airbnb: A 21st-Century Goldmine


The Airbnb platform has done more than create a different way for people to travel. It has created an entirely new breed of entrepreneur. A person can live anywhere in the world and still participate in the Airbnb platform…if he or she follows certain strategies.

Entrepreneur and real estate expert Andrew Keene will teach you these strategies. You don’t have to start out wealthy to make them work. You don’t have to already be a real estate mogul. All it takes is strategy and initiative—and less time than you think.

Airbnb is a unique resource of all the information you need to know about Airbnb, whether you want to be a host, are trying to establish Superhost status, are a real estate investor who wants to learn the smart maneuvers that lead to successful short-term lease investment properties, or even if you’re a guest. You’ll find useful conversations that apply to real scenarios that you’re likely to encounter in the Airbnb culture. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • What the largest economic waves have meant to the U.S. economy, both in real estate and in third party services.
  • What makes Airbnb so exciting and appealing, both to travelers and investors.
  • Insights into how to evaluate properties that are good candidates for the Airbnb market.
  • Approaches and steps to take in order to become a host with the potential to reach Superhost status faster.
  • Inspiring statistics that are driving the Airbnb market, which inspire new entrepreneurs and travelers worldwide.

The layman’s approach to big decisions that Andrew Keene offers in Airbnb will appeal to anyone considering Airbnb, whether or not they have previous experience with the platform or even real estate investing.

Your perspectives on real estate will never be the same once you’ve read Airbnb.