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Against the Corporate Media: Forty-two Ways the Press Hates You


The citizens of Western democracies have been relentlessly propagandized, lied to, and fed a steady diet of distortions and untruths by their media for decades. Editor Michael Walsh brings together a stellar collection of critical thinkers and writers to explain how and why this is happening, its negative effects on our democracies, and what we can do to reverse it.

An informed electorate is a prerequisite for free and fair elections. But rather than striving for accuracy and objectivity, today’s journalists openly celebrate the death of objectivity, arguing that they have a “higher duty” to “resist” the conservatism, police speech, and suppress news that contradicts the liberal narrative.

Now, on the heels of his magisterial volume Against the Great Reset, editor Michael Walsh presents Against the Corporate Media, a collection of more than forty essays on the decline and fall of the American and international news media. The book’s list of distinguished contributors includes Lance Morrow, Andrew Klavan, John O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Nickson, Monica Crowley, Charlie Kirk, Glenn Reynolds, Steven F. Hayward, John Fund, Armond White, Michael Ramirez, Walsh, and others.

Readers around the world deserve to know how badly their media has been corrupted, how eagerly they have embraced the role of official propagandists, and what a threat to democracy they have become. This book marks an important strike against the corporate media, and its unholy alliance with the enemies of freedom everywhere.


Featuring Essays by:

Lance Morrow

Andrew Klavan

Peter Berkowitz

David Reaboi

John O’Sullivan

Charlie Kirk

Jon Gabriel

Peder Zane

Ashley Rindsberg

Arthur Milikh

Peter Prichard

John Fund

John J. Miller

Mark Hemingway

Clarice Feldman

Kyle Shideler

Monica Crowley

Steve Hayward

Nick Searcy

Sebastian Gorka

Roger L. Simon

Mark Krikorian

Kurt Schlichter

Liz Sheld

Tom Finnerty

Jack Dunphy

Ian Gregory

David Solway

Elizabeth Nickson

Ben Scallan

Peter Smith

Armond White

George MF Washington

Thomas H. Lipscomb

Priscilla Turner

Jenny Kennedy

Austin Ruse

Glenn Reynolds

Hannah Giles

Larry O’Connor

Bill Whittle