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Abuse of Power: Inside The Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump

By Fred V. Lucas, Craig Shirley

Trump’s enemies set out to remove him from office even before his inauguration—which culminated in an election-year impeachment trial.

“That the Left tried to undo the results of the 2016 by whatever means necessary is not in doubt. Fred Lucas reminds us of the dangers this approach poses to constitutional government as he dissects what President Trump has rightly called one of the greatest hoaxes in our history.”—Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and bestselling author

“A devastating and comprehensive takedown of Trump’s impeachment, and a thoughtful look at the historical context of past impeachments, with strong reporting and research to combat the Left’s inevitable rewrite of history.”—Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor, award-winning correspondent, host of The Sara Carter Show podcast

“Fred Lucas goes beyond the tribalism to the truth. There doesn’t need to be any partisan spin here, because the facts of the coup the Democrats attempted speak for themselves.”—Steve Deace, host of the Steve Deace Show on TheBlazeTV

Abuse of Power exposes:

  • How Elizabeth Warren tried to set an impeachment trap for Trump even before the inauguration.
  • Why the depths of the Biden family’s international conflict of interests are worthy of a federal investigation.
  • Why Nancy Pelosi caved to The Squad to remain leadership.
  • How Adam Schiff pushed Jerry Nadler out of the key spot to lead the impeachment.
  • How Democrats abandoned what would have been a crowning leftwing achievement in gun control legislation in order to pursue an impeachment that was destined to fail in the Senate.
  • How Mitt Romney’s vote to convict likely prevent three moderate Democrats from rebelling against party leaders.