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Abortion at the Crossroads: Three Paths Forward in the Struggle to Protect the Unborn


A brief look at what’s gone right for the prolife movement, what’s gone wrong, and what’s to come.

The Great Escape, a 1963 film beloved by many, portrays an escape by allied prisoners of war from a German POW camp. The prisoners work on three tunnels simultaneously, calling them Tom, Dick, and Harry. When the Germans discover Tom—the tunnel furthest along that prisoners thought would be their liberation vehicle—they redouble their alternative efforts.

Pro-life Americans over the decades have fought abortion in three ways.

  • Tunnel Tom: Elect prolife legislators, pass laws, appoint the right judges.
  • Tunnel Dick: Destroy or blockade abortion centers, expose abortionists, or (at the very rare extreme) shoot them.
  • Tunnel Harry: Help women undergoing crisis pregnancies, show them what the beings in their wombs look like, create “a culture of life.”

Abortion at the Crossroads offers a quick tour of all three tunnels. At the end, readers will have a better sense of which tunnels are filled with rubble and which offer the greatest hope of saving the most lives.