A Young Innovator’s Guide to Planning for Success: Developing an Authentic Personal Narrative for Students, Educators, and Parents


A Young Innovator’s Guide to Planning for Success empowers students to dream the impossible and bring it to reality—step by step.

How do you know where to start when facing the competitive atmosphere of high school?

Additionally, how do you find a balance of academics and continue to contribute to society?

High school students preparing for college can find themselves feeling lost. Balancing GPAs, AP classes, extracurriculars—and everything in between—can be overwhelming and disheartening, especially when considering statistics such as acceptance rates and standardized test scores. But recent high school graduate Gitanjali Rao is here to help students craft the perfect college portfolio as she encourages students to embrace what makes them unique, provide advice on how to plan their academic schedule to meet all the requirements for their dream school, and show them the best path to influence the world.

Future MIT Class of 2027 graduate, Gitanjali Rao, shares her insights on how every and any student can develop their authentic personal narrative and be set up for success in high school and beyond.