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A Pathway to American Renewal: Red, White, and Black Volume II


A celebration of resilience: the inspiring story of how Black America survived unimaginable odds and an examination of the real challenges it faces today.

This challenging and inspiring collection of essays constructively frames the story of Black America—not as a tragedy involving helpless victims, but as a model for the nation. Scholars and grassroots leaders recount the history—the gritty, painful, but often triumphant account of what blacks accomplished after slavery was ended. Denied access to the institutions of white America, they built their own churches, schools, hotels, and a host of other successful enterprises. Their resilience produced amazing increases in literacy, family formation, and income.

Today’s unsung grassroots leaders are the living evidence of the power of resilience. They use their stories of overcoming adversity and their own fallibility to help others. The organizations they create heal their communities.

This volume presents the insights of scholars who warn of the dangerous forces that threaten to shackle the ability of blacks to succeed today. They warn that, by accepting the notion that black adversity continues to be the product of systemic racism and is therefore unchangeable, no one would need to step up to the realities of a responsible life. This kind of thinking has led to lowering standards in education and even in the judicial system. The scholars outline positive paths to the future.

More than chapters to be passively read, A Pathway to American Renewal is an invitation and a promissory note that points directly to what American renewal might really involve.