6 Secrets to Leveraging Success: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Family Offices, and Their Trusted Advisors

By Chris Jarvis, MBA, CFP

Why do successful people get “stuck?”
Has your business or income hit a plateau?

After 30 years of solving complicated financial problems for millionaire entrepreneurs and billionaire families, Chris Jarvis discovered patterns for increased success—and for happiness. 6 Secrets shares the critical insights Jarvis observed in the successful operations of thousands of businesses, professional practices, and family offices.

“I love Chris’ brilliant intellect, wonderful sense of humor, and no-BS approach to business and life. His motives are pure, and his advice is invaluable.”
JACK CANFIELD, World’s #1 Success Coach & Founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul® publishing empire.

In 6 Secrets to Leveraging Success, Jarvis shares:
• The millionaire mindset you must adopt to break through
• How billionaires think about money, business, and other people
• Why successful people seldom become very successful
• Ways to get more from your advisors – without being overcharged
• How to identify, and avoid, conflicts of interest with professionals
• Why you must “Create Your Own Bank” to accelerate growth
• Transform employee and executive expenses into equity and working capital for your company
• How restructuring your business to save taxes and to get your employees to act more like owners

“Jarvis is the proverbial man with the plan; the sort of financial fixer that one sees in movies and television shows.”
HONORABLE ANDREW L. BRASHER, U.S. Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit

Whether you are starting a business, trying to improve your work-life balance, build a company for sale, or build multi-generational wealth, 6 Secrets to Leveraging Success will help you change your mindset, build a better business strategy, outmaneuver your competition, attract more customers, retain better talent, and get more out of your life.

“Chris has one of the most innovative minds I’ve ever encountered. His creativity combined with his in-depth knowledge of accounting, tax, law and insurance is a unique blend of skill sets that produces amazingly productive solutions and opens your eyes to business opportunities you may never have imagined. Everything Chris writes is worth reading…more than once!”
GORDON LOGAN, Founder and Chairman of Sport Clips.