Regalo Press

Little Avalanches: A Memoir

Publication Date: 03/12/2024

A daughter’s quest for truth. A soldier’s fight for survival. Their shared search for understanding. “In a world where few subjects are taboo, the impact of war on veterans and their families, remains largely hidden from public view. Becky Ellis cuts through the darkness with her memoir, Little Avalanches.… This…

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In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow

Publication Date: 01/16/2024

When the spirit of an American airman befriends a Japanese woman and her daughter in the days before the Hiroshima bomb, he races against time to save the ones he loves the most. “This is an extraordinarily imaginative and compelling exploration of love, death, race, and patriotism with countless unusual…

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Obvious in Hindsight

Publication Date: 11/28/2023

A tech start-up and their cutthroat consultants will stop at nothing to realize their dream of filling the skies of America’s cities with flying cars…and their opposition is equally determined to bring that dream crashing down. Dozens of start-up tech companies are forming each week, innovating at a breakneck pace…

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Beautiful Monster: A Becoming

Publication Date: 10/24/2023

A breathtaking, exquisitely crafted memoir about a trans person’s singular journey through breaching the boundaries of gender—across generations, cultures and borders—to become his truest, most authentic self. Nearing the age of forty, with an entire life already lived as a woman—half in Colombia, half in the US—Miles Borrero comes face…

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Climbing the Rough Side of the Mountain: The Extraordinary Story of Love, Civil Rights, and Labor Activism

Publication Date: 10/17/2023

The remarkable story of a couple who came together during the civil rights movement and made fighting for equality and civil and workers’ rights their purpose for more than sixty years, overcoming adversity—with the strength of their love and commitment—to bring about meaningful change. “A chronicle of lives of unwavering…

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Goodbye Hello: Processing Grief and Understanding Death through the Paranormal

Publication Date: 09/26/2023

From paranormal investigator and host of Kindred Spirits Adam Berry comes Goodbye Hello, which blends supernatural and psychological research to explore the paranormal and afterlife to try and help answer big questions about the end. Death affects us all—not just at the end of our lives, but every day. And yet, it’s one…

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Farewell to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Publication Date: 08/29/2023

Five extraordinary women. One unthinkable choice. A hope that won’t be extinguished. The long-awaited sequel to The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, the bestseller that captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Kabul, August 2021 Sunny Tedder is back in her beloved coffee shop. After eight years away, she’s thrilled to…

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