Political Fiction

Goodnight Obama: A Parody

Publication Date: 09/13/2016

Purchase Here’s your chance to say "goodnight" to Obama in a very special way. Join former president Obama in his nightcap and PJ’s as he says “goodnight” to America: Goodnight birth certificate of unknown source Goodnight jobs, without any remorse Goodnight safety, let’s open the borders Goodnight constitution, by executive…

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By Silent Majority

Publication Date: 08/30/2016

President Daniel Carlson is the most popular president in history. But he has a secret big enough to bring down his whole administration. It wasn't the marijuana he smoked after graduating from Harvard. It wasn't the fact he won the presidency with the help of computer phenoms hired to hack…

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Publication Date: 06/21/2016

“What is patriotism? Is it sticking to a flawed system—or fighting to replace it with a better one?” - First-year college professor, John Nolan America has collapsed.  The land of the free no longer exists—and  the global superpower that replaced it may be next. Political factions within the weakened empire rush…

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Liberty Rises

Publication Date: 07/15/2014

Chris Salcedo is an incredible storyteller, but the plot of Liberty Rises isn’t just fiction, it’s a frightening look at where progressive ideology could take us. Science-fiction is a great way to explore the issues we face while staying away from the political theatre in D.C. and Chris has hit…

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Publication Date: 05/27/2014

Who’s guarding the fort? As global tensions mount and army enlistments drop, James Cassandra, a U.S. Army captain, notices signs of increasing Muslim presence in the officer corps at Fort Camp, the base to which he has been newly assigned. Bearded officers and burqas abound, alcohol is no longer served…

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