Christian, Inspirational, and Religious

Own Your Opportunities: A Story of Self-Discovery and Self-Determination

Publication Date: 10/04/2022

Own Your Opportunities is a self-portrait of a Black woman in corporate America who discovers her value and walks away from a company to pursue sanity and the freedom to realize her dream. Own Your Opportunities is uplifting to women who may feel disillusioned and overwhelmed in corporate America. The…

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The Path of an Eagle: How to Overcome and Lead After Being Knocked Down

Publication Date: 09/27/2022

A real, emotional, and vulnerable story of one man’s persistent courage to overcome some of life’s worst and greatest challenges, while finding hope, healing, love, peace, and fulfilment along the journey of life. A heartfelt, emotive, and hopeful account of one man’s awe-inspiring journey to overcome the seemingly impossible—near-death experiences,…

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Defenders of the West: The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam

Publication Date: 07/26/2022

A riveting account of the lives and epic battles of eight Western defenders against violent Islamic jihad that sheds much-needed light on the enduring conflict with radical Islam. In Defenders of the West, the author of Sword and Scimitar follows up with vivid and dramatic profiles of eight extraordinary warriors—some…

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A Light From Zion: Why Israeli Innovation Matters to the World

Publication Date: 05/31/2022

A Light from Zion tells the remarkable story behind Israel’s most fascinating innovations, profiling cutting-edge companies in fields ranging from agriculture to environment, health to disaster preparedness, and water to enterprise. How did Israel rise in just a few decades from a tiny, struggling country with a third-world economy to…

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The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay

Publication Date: 05/17/2022

The Beatles, the Bible and Bodega Bay presents two portraits: the young man in London on top of the Apple building (and on top of the world!) as he watches the Beatles perform for the last time, and the older man on a remote Sonoma beach on his knees looking…

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The Critical Qur’an: Explained from Key Islamic Commentaries and Contemporary Historical Research

Publication Date: 05/03/2022

A unique resource for understanding the Islamic Holy Book. As Islamic terrorism becomes a distressingly common feature of life in North America and Europe, it has become increasingly important for non-Muslims to be aware of the ideology that animates and motivates jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women and others—an…

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The Shakespeare Haggadah: Elevate Your Seder with the Bard of Avon

Publication Date: 03/15/2022

It be the Passover Haggadah, as Shakespeare would hast writ it, hadst the idea occurred to him. Art thee a teenager? Most wondrous. How about a tweenager? Coequal better. Readeth this while the stodgy grownups and fartuous children readeth the haggadot, catered only to those folk—until now. Thou canst useth…

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The Quintessential Good Samaritan: The Authorized Biography of John Joseph Kelly, Champion of Social Justice

Publication Date: 02/01/2022

“Fellow healer John Kelly devoted his life to the physical, emotional, and psychological healing of the socially and racially disadvantaged. His story inspires in these troubled times.” – Deepak Chopra John Joseph Kelly—the quintessential Good Samaritan—changed the lives of thousands of people in need, first as a devoted Catholic priest;…

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Reaching God Speed: Unlocking the Secret Broadcast Revealing the Mystery of Everything

Publication Date: 01/25/2022

Is it possible we’ve all been missing something extraordinary in life? Can we really discover and understand the secret to everything? The answer is surprising, and what we’re about to learn will wake us up to a reality most of us never knew existed. The reason we’re so oblivious is…

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Stops Along the Way: A Catholic Soul, a Conservative Heart, an Irish Temper, and a Love of Life

Publication Date: 12/07/2021

A book unlike any ever written by a leader of the conservative movement, because the stories told are unlike anything ever experienced by any public figure on the American scene today. Stops Along the Way tells tales of ten red-headed Catholic children raised on a farm in the ’60s, just…

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