Nurse Blake

Blake Lynch, better known as Nurse Blake, is a registered nurse and the most popular nurse influencer on social media with over 3.2M followers. He has been a nurse for over seven years and has worked in a number of nursing roles at Level 1 Trauma centers around the country.

Blake graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with his BSN. While in nursing school he founded Banned4Life, which is an organization that ended an outdated FDA blood donor policy. He also created the Nurses Support Their Young campaign, which aims to promote healthy work environments throughout the healthcare industry.

Blake is also the creator of NurseCon, which provides free continuing education and a supportive community to nurses worldwide. He has done two national comedy tours with sixty-five stops across the United States. Most recently his children’s book, I Want to Be a Nurse When I Grow Up, is the #1 bestselling children’s book on Amazon.

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