Nikki D. Pope

Nikki Pope is a native of Brookhaven, Mississippi but has led a rather nomadic existence before moving to the Bay Area (for the third time!). She counts among her “hometowns” Chicago, New York, Paris and Vienna. Nikki has been active in the area of wrongful conviction since she joined the advisory board of the Northern California Innocence Project in 2005. Since then, she’s met many men and women who have been wrongfully convicted. It was at a public speaking workshop for exonerees in 2012 where Nikki got the germ of the idea that has grown into this project.

Nikki also is a director of Moving Train, Inc., a non-profit organization that sponsors documentary film projects and she works with other non-profits in the area of prison reform. Her friends and family think she’s getting ready to go back to school having already earned her B.A., M.B.A, and J.D. With a life filled with many twists and turns, Nikki knows not to rule out anything!

When she’s not working on this project, Nikki loves to write. She’s also a film junkie, often watching a film multiple times. As you can tell from her list of “hometowns,” Nikki is a traveler. She’s not crazy about the getting there part of travel, aside from the fact that she gets a big block of time to work on her crochet projects, but she enjoys learning about the history and culture of different places. Nikki’s other love is reading. She will often re-read books (like “Dune”) and is currently engrossed in the genre of science fiction and the novels of Alexandre Dumas.

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