Mike Shereck

Mike Shereck is a leader, father, partner, friend, brother, and coach. His work is dedicated to leaders understanding themselves and having them fully own their lives, career, journey, voice, and impact. Mike is a “dude”—a pick-up truck driving, Harley Davidson riding, blue jean wearing, cigar smoking, 100 percent alpha male. Mike is also someone who takes a stand for the greatness of all people, and someone whose heart and soul are open.

Mike sees the division in our culture to be one of the most destructive and disheartening events of his life. He also sees this as one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. Understanding that the only way out is through, Mike takes on this challenge every day in his work.

Mike works as a leadership coach and organizational consultant. He lives in Naperville, IL, and owns the credential of Professional Certified Coach through the ICF.


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