Micheal Burt

Coach Burt has been hired by some of the biggest brands in the world to “coach up” their people including Dell, INC., Ohio National, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Deloitte, National Health Care, Vanderbilt University, The National Home Builders Association and more.
Coach Burt is also the host of “The Super Coach Show” a weekly online TV show and podcast that seeks to multiply your life, your money, and your business and always finds the kryptonite in your life, that one thing that holds you back. Coach Burt is the founder of The Greatness Factory, a unique destination location that “takes people from all walks of life and manufactures greatness.”
He also speaks over 150 times nationally per year and practices what he preaches, coaching teams of people toward a dominant focus in their life on a regular basis as a real practitioner.
You can follow Coach Burt, watch his shows, and more at www.coachburt.com.

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