Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman has not done it all. But he has done a lot. And he has witnessed a lot. In more than forty years, Mark has worked and traveled around the globe in a variety of capacities. He has performed activities that so many others only talk about.

Mark is an Emmy Award-winning, investigative journalist who knows how to get the critical details of a story. In more than forty years, his life experiences include naval officer, veteran, intelligence officer, weapons inspector, Congressional Fellow, lobbyist, business executive, writer, radio personality, television host, and investigative journalist.

Whether it was inspecting Soviet-made weapons systems, reporting from a war zone, walking the halls of Congress, or one of his other life experiences, Mark has gained keen insight into what constitutes a great story that must be told. What sets his storytelling apart from others is he adds context, when appropriate, so the readers not only learn the who, what, when, and where, but also the why.

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