Jim Fannin

America’s ZoneCoach® Jim Fannin is a mental performance coach, author, professional platform speaker, life strategist, sports and business consultant, and former professional tennis player. He has forty-plus years of experience helping individuals create and manifest their personal life blueprint.
Mr. Fannin has personally coached the world’s top executives from fifty industries. From leadership teams and sales organizations, Jim’s thought management system has made an impact.
In addition, Jim has privately coached hundreds of professional athletes from ten sports with 27 MLB All-Stars (including 4 Cy Young Award winners, 6 MVPs, and 2 batting champions), Olympic gold medalists, 7 world top-10 ranked professional tennis players (including a four-time Wimbledon Doubles Champion, French Open Champion, and Runner-up), NBA All-Stars, NFL All-Pros, MLS MVP, and 10 golfers to win their first professional tournament.
For more information about Jim, to inquire about speaking engagements, for personal coaching, or to learn more about incorporating The Blueprint into your next event, visit www.jimfannin.com, call 877-210-2001, or email askjim@jimfannin.com.

If you enjoyed The Blueprint, you’ll love Jim’s 90-Second Rule™ program.

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