Jerry Boykin

Lieutenant General (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin’s life reads like an action-adventure novel. From Vietnam to Iran to Mogadishu, Boykin has seen it all in his thirty-six-year military career with the United States Army.

In 1978, Boykin joined what would become the world’s premier Special Operations unit—Delta Force. The only promise offered: “a medal and a body bag.” What followed was a .50 caliber round in the chest and a life spent with America’s elite forces tracking down warlords and war criminals, despots and dictators. In Colombia, his task force hunted the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. In Panama, he helped capture the brutal dictator Manuel Noriega, liberating a nation. This highly decorated general retired from the Army in August 2007. Today he is an ordained minister with a passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to become warriors for God’s Kingdom.

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