JD Frost

JD Frost is the founder and CEO of CROFT & FROST, a firm that transcends traditional accounting and wealth creation. With both a CPA and his MBA, JD advises businesses on more than just their financials; he utilizes four foundations of wealth creation to help his clients, partners, and employees build courage and create wealth. As an entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to start—and scale—a business, and has used his years of experience in accounting to build a solid foundation for each and every one of his clients and businesses. JD and his partner, Paul Croft, share over thirty business ventures. They have helped clients and investors raise over $18 million and have closed $35 million in real estate and small business transactions in the past three years. Through entrepreneurship, sobriety, and fatherhood, JD has developed a ledger to become fully accountable to his life.


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