Erika Pitstick

Born and raised in El Salvador, sustainable living became part of Erika Pitstick’s daily life at an early age. While helping with the garden and family farms, Erika gained firsthand knowledge that would shape her sustainable journey in the years to come. By repurposing household items and growing produce using easy, inexpensive techniques and resources, Erika perfected how to make the most of a budget while reducing her carbon footprint.
After moving to California for college and settling down with her husband in Texas, Erika found ways to intertwine her culture, intentional upbringing, and love for the outdoors with her family’s daily life. As co-owner of an eco-conscious landscape and tree service, she strives to create a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle for the family, including them along in the journey. Teaming up with local farms and eco-friendly companies, Erika continues her journey of sustainability, sharing the good and bad along the way through her social media and blog.

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