Emily Gold Mears

Emily Gold Mears was a practicing lawyer prior to moving into the area of research analysis in science and medicine. She is a citizen scientist, biohacker, and health and science advocate and activist. In addition to taking courses and doing extensive research, Gold Mears attended dozens of conferences in the area of science, health, and medicine. As a result of these experiences, she has been invited to participate in conferences, boards, and other endeavors—including a global conference in Rome, Italy on scientific thinking organized by a renowned think tank. Gold Mears was the only non-credentialed scientist among eighty-six international scientists to give a presentation. She spoke about how one can be engaged in learning about evidence based medical research and how individual advocacy is one important step toward overcoming subpar medical interventions. Her research is focused on the intersection of functional medicine and allopathic medicine and the critical requirement for all individuals to become their own health care advocate. She is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations, most of which are focused on health related research.


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