Dr. Michael T. George

Dr. Michael T. George grew up in a small town in West Virginia, where the elements of faith, family and hard work were an everyday occurrence. Michael left home at the age of sixteen to pursue a private education in another part of his home state. It is here where Michael’s desire to share the principles of life, liberty, faith, and freedom began to take full bloom.

A dynamic speaker, his gift for sharing inspirational messages has endeared him to people of all backgrounds. Realizing how the power of a story can change lives, lend hope and create a sense of unity, Michael travels the country artfully crafting stories of inspiration with a dramatic flare. His presentations weave together the principles of education and enlightenment.

Michael is the host of a radio show called My Story of America based on his best-selling book “My Story of America, Inspirational Stories of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This book chronicles the lives of eight ordinary people he interviewed who are modern day heroes with extraordinary life experiences. It is the first book of the My Story of America series which highlights the Judaeo-Christian principles of America’s founding. It is an affirmative and inspiring work that has people nationwide excited and asking for more.

More information on Dr. George can be found at MichaelTGeorge.com.


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