Dr. Michael B. Brown

For a decade, Dr. Michael B. Brown served as a successor to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (author of The Power of Positive Thinking) as Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Ave. in New York City. He has served on the faculties of Wake Forest University, New Brunswick Theological School, and High Point University.
He has hosted four ABC specials, one NBC special, one PBS fund-raiser, and has made guest appearances on numerous national podcasts, radio, and TV programs.
In 2018, Dr. Brown received The Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking from the Peale Foundation. He also serves as a member of Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Thought Council.
He does inspirational and motivational speaking in a wide variety of venues including university and college campuses, corporate and institutional settings, correctional facilities (including, e.g., Sing Sing Prison in NY), and numerous Chautauqua campuses (most frequently Bayview, MI, Epworth, MI, and Lakeside, Ohio).

Michael Brown

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