Debbie Gottlieb LCSW

Debbie Gottlieb is a licensed psychotherapist who has diverse international training in psychotherapy and spirituality; certifications in yoga, meditation, and breathwork; and over fourteen years of experience in her private psychotherapy practice. Debbie specializes in individual counseling for stress and anxiety relief, depression, couples counseling, and more. Debbie created the MindBrand Methodâ„¢, a practical and accessible method to connect to the soul and live a fulfilled and authentic life. She guides her clients in applying this method through private counseling, online programs, and retreats. Debbie has been a seeker of inner truth since she can remember; she read her first self-help book when she was eight years old. Her journey led her to a discovery of the soul, the most freeing and transformative experience of her life. Debbie has a passion for salsa dancing, family, hiking, and yoga. The Fort Lauderdale Award Program named her the Best Psychotherapist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2022 and 2023.

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