David Bayer

David Bayer is a leading expert on personal growth and human evolution. After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in philosophy and comparative literature, Bayer went on to create a prolific career in entrepreneurship, founding several businesses and eventually becoming CEO of David Bayer Businesses, an Inc. 500 company and one of the fastest growing transformational organizations in the world.
In his mid-thirties, Bayer experienced an early mid-life crisis, motivated by decades of drug and alcohol addiction. After achieving sobriety, Bayer discovered personal growth, only to find that the current model of self-help left him acutely aware of his limiting beliefs and negative inner chatter, but without a tool for consistently and permanently transforming them.
Bayer spent nearly a decade immersed in study across the fields of neuroscience, peak performance, quantum theory, biohacking, wisdom teachings, meditation, indigenous technologies, breathwork, metaphysics, and consciousness theory in search of a way to go beyond self-help and actually change his mind.
Today his methodologies are considered a breakthrough in personal growth and practiced by tens of thousands of individuals who have used his frameworks to end their personal suffering and tap into higher levels of intelligence, creativity, intuition, vitality, and energy on a path to living their full potential.

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