Your Healthcare Playbook: Winning the Game of Modern Medicine


Teams are the future of healthcare. Many of the new changes to healthcare are similar to the best practices of the NFL. In Your Healthcare Playbook, Dr. Deruelle uses the NFL, the most successful franchise in American history, to break down the information so that it’s easy to understand. You will hear insights from actual NFL coaches, players, executives, doctors and owners, as well as some of the foremost doctors and safety experts that will help you and your family stay safe.

With 1,000 pages, a fumbled launch and moving deadlines, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, can be both confusing and intimidating. With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Deruelle comes to the rescue with a non-partisan in his explanation of the law. He uses simple football terms to help you understand how to navigate your new options under Obamacare.

This playbook shows you the best defense for healthcare’s biggest changes:

• Become the free agent and the MVP of your healthcare team
• Discover how your doctor can become your coach
• Manage the salary cap of your budget as you pay more and more of your healthcare bill
• Take control of the powerful forces on your team to make the right game plan for you

This is your Two-Minute Warning. Learn about the healthcare changes that will affect all of us. Your Healthcare Playbook will provide you and your family with a healthcare game plan that works.

Dr. Deruelle interviewed many NFL players and executives for this book, including:
Donovan McNabb
Martellus Bennett
Alfred Morris
Spencer Tillman
Dante Stallworth
Brandon Marshall
Davin Joseph
Maurice Jones Drew
Marcellas Wiley
Rich McKay, President of Atlanta Falcons
Mark Murphy, President of Green Bay Packers
Dr. Mathew Matava head of the NFL Physicians Society