Borders, Bandits, and Baby Wipes: A Big Adventure in a Tiny Car

By Bassam Tarazi

Inspired and challenged by his quests of “getting there,” Bassam Tarazi and two friends signed on for the infamous Mongol Rally, a nearly 10,000-mile road trip from London to Mongolia, through terrain that would make a mountain goat’s knees buckle, in a vehicle that was little more than a go-kart.

The Mongol Rally is not a race. There is no trophy for finishing first. There is no glory. There is no prize money. Borders, Bandits, and Baby Wipes is Tarazi’s tale of the journey itself, the incredible adventures that came along the way, and whether he came through it unscathed. (Bringing five pounds of baby wipes to get rid of the dust really helped!)

Borders, Bandits, and Baby Wipes tells a story like no other about a world beyond our expectations, and of our place in it.