Allegiance: A Jackson Quick Adventure


Beer, Redheads, And Politics…  Jackson Quick should have known better.
First, he trusted a Texas politician.
Then he fell for a leggy woman.
Worst of all, he drank a beer that tasted funny.
Now he’s running for his life, trying to piece together how he fell into a battle over something so small it takes a high-powered microscope to see it.


"Abrahams has a writing style that is intense, engaging, and thorough down to the very last detail...a story that will kidnap your attention and torture you with suspense."
--The Kindle Book Review

"Tom Abrahams' writing is sharp like the crack of a rifle, clear like a trumpet's call, never more so than on the pages of his novel ALLEGIANCE, where the stakes are as big as Texas"
--Graham Brown, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Eden Prophecy

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