Vixen Investigations: The Mayoral Affairs

Published: 07/04/2017

Like so many of us who fall in love, Paige Turner had been cheated on, lied to, and taken advantage of—until she decided she’d had enough. As a former investigative journalist, Paige combined her sly sleuthing skills with a genuine empathy for the broken-hearted—not to mention her natural wit and…

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The Near Enemy

Published: 06/20/2017

"FBI Special Agent John Booker was in deep cover until a Mob guy was found fermenting in the Staten Island landfill. “It wasn’t ‘technically’ my fault,” did not cut the mustard with the bureaucrats, and Booker was banished to Cleveland. There, he is assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force…

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Best Friend for Hire: A Novel

Published: 06/20/2017

Jersey Girl Jessie DeSalvo has her dream job at one of New York’s top publishing companies. After ten years of hard work the day of her big promotion has arrived. Unfortunately, her company has other ideas. Instead of a corner office, Jessie is handed her pink slip. Left with little…

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Rogue Mission: A Jordan Sandor Thriller

Published: 04/04/2017

CIA agent Jordan Sandor is on a mission that blends non-stop suspense, intrigue and danger. CIA agent Jordan Sandor's mission is more complex and has more at stake than any he has faced before.  From Bermuda to the United Kingdom, from France to the deserts of Iraq, Jordan must face…

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The Coalition

Published: 03/28/2017

Our story is set in the not-too-distant future. Muslims have succeeded in becoming the majority of several European populations, adding to their dominance in the Middle East. With the accelerating spread of radical Islam and Sharia law as the backdrop, our character-driven novel tells the story of a divided world…

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Coconut Republic

Published: 03/21/2017

The year is 1987. The Cold War is rapidly winding down, and Dan Kruger, ex-CIA field officer, Vietnam veteran and Green Beret is now out of a job, but not for long. Kruger is hired by a South African mining company to lead a protection detail a tiny island-nation. Thigs…

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Into The Jungle: The Team Book 2

Published: 03/14/2017

When a small army is needed, but the operation must remain covert, the President calls on The Team—a very special ensemble of Marines, Rangers, SEALs and CIA operatives who make up one of the most lethal fighting forces in the US arsenal. Enrique Antonio Vega runs one of the largest…

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Fatal Option

Published: 02/21/2017

A tragic accident. A family in crisis. And a killer watching every move. Five months after the mysterious death of his wife, Stephen Porter is pulled from a dreamless sleep by a midnight phone call. His 17-year-old daughter Sara is stranded in a blizzard near the top of a mountain…

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City Life

Published: 01/03/2017

A woman escapes Pol Pot’s murderous regime in Cambodia after watching her family butchered, “like chickens” only to lose her way in America. An eight year old deaf girl breaks the hearts of the firefighters who respond to her call for help, only to find that her parents had been…

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A Nefarious Plot

Published: 12/20/2016

Who has co-opted the American Dream? The Right? The Left? It may not be who you think it is. Republican vs. Democrat The Haves vs. the Have Nots Left vs. Right Us vs. Them We believe these are the divisions that are threatening to tear America apart. But what if…

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