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Standing His Ground: The Inside Story of Ron Desantis’s Rise and Battle for Freedom


Contrary to what the mainstream media has claimed, Florida under Ron DeSantis has become the home for freedom and individual liberty.

At the onset of the pandemic, political leaders throughout the country were forced to quickly make significant decisions about how they would govern under extraordinary circumstances. A number of these decisions simply required instinct—they just had to come from the gut. There was little, if any, precedent to examine, and hardly any time for the usual gambits to test potential solutions.

One person became a household name and a national hero for having made what proved to be the best decisions over and over: Ron DeSantis, the 46th governor of Florida. However, not surprisingly, his success also begot wrath. A patriot to millions of everyday Americans is often a “tyrant” to progressive elites. Other than perhaps former President Donald Trump, DeSantis was and remains the most vilified elected official in media, politics, entertainment, academia, and now the corporate world. Conservatives know full well this means he hit the bullseye.

Now that more than two years have passed, the American people are able to clearly see whose decisions struck the proper balance between liberty and safety. There’s no denying that DeSantis’s influence soared as the world watched him successfully steer his state step by step through one of the greatest periods of turmoil and uncertainty in modern history. While many other states floundered, Florida didn’t just survive—it flourished.