Relationshift: How You Became You and How to Change into Whoever You Want to Be


Stop submitting to outdated evolutionary instincts that are making you miserable. Instead, learn to leverage your relationships so you can dream bigger, achieve whatever you want, and build a life that makes you happier with each passing day.

No greater force for change exists than the people we surround ourselves with. Relationshift explores how your worldview has been colored by the people in your life, how this limits or expands your options, and what to do about it. Through the stories of British explorer Gertrude Bell, abolitionist hero Frederick Douglass, music icons the Beastie Boys, and many others, this book will help you:

  • Learn how to connect with high-caliber people who can help you go further in life.
  • Understand the rules of life as handed down through countless generations, then learn how to recognize which are unavoidable, which can be bent, and which can be ignored.
  • Grow in happiness, thankfulness, peace, and contentment while eliminating the power of negative emotions like anger, depression, fear, jealousy, loneliness, and hate.
  • Explore how our minds reject new concepts like our bodies reject viruses, a feature that can help or hurt us depending on the idea we are rejecting.
  • Build a personal tribe that can help you achieve anything, whether starting a business, getting into shape, finding love, getting a job, healing from loss, or living in the moment.
  • Make better choices by learning to see your options more clearly and honing your ability to move quickly with less information.
  • Identify relationships that have the most impact on your wellbeing, for better or worse.
  • See more clearly a path to your best possible future.