An Ordinary Man


An Ordinary Man is a tale of the 21st Century with its domination by the Internet and cellular phones of hitherto unimaginable power and versatility, and instant access to news and information through the click of a mouse. A world dramatically and permanently changed from the simpler existence of less than twenty years ago, a lifetime in modern parlance.

Quincy Peters is an ordinary man, almost devoid of social skills and with a marked tendency towards self-effacement but he has extra-ordinary ability when it comes to finance. Driven from his home by circumstances, he becomes involved in the lives of Grant Anderson, a rich and powerful Washington lawyer, and his family. Propelled by happenstance, Quincy becomes a pawn in high finance, political intrigue, the machinations of powerful Congressional leaders and the struggle for election to the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States.

The enigmatic and unknown Quincy soon becomes much sought after by political leaders and intelligence agencies, both National and Foreign. He becomes a catalyst for dramatic changes in other people and the National psyche but seemingly is unaffected himself. Quincy Peters, popularly known as the guru of finance and the Sage of Wall Street, is pursued for economic advice but resists the blandishments of the rich and powerful until the truth about him comes out, and his political trajectory becomes unstoppable. No longer can he be An Ordinary Man.