The Lazy Eye Murder

By Motti Sharir, Ora Cummings

Four friends grew up in Tel-Aviv practically inseparable from the time they were toddlers. They wore matching blue-and-white school outfits, marched in line to plant trees, were drafted together into the military, and kept in touch throughout the years.

Wildly successful Dr. Eddie Berliner—a celebrity plastic surgeon, restaurateur, and TV personality—and the most colorful of the bunch, invites his friends for the launch of his fancy new spa. After an all-night feast, a scream is heard at dawn. Eddie’s body is discovered hanging inside the hamam, the door locked from inside, a suicide note appearing on his computer. However, the evidence soon indicates murder and Dr. Uzi Vardimon is the prime suspect.

Pressure from above could force Captain Ramzi Issa and Sergeant Rona Pizanti to close the case, but Uzi’s wife Lily, a renowned scientist, begins an investigation of her own. Searching for the truth, the tenacious Lily endangers her own life and discovers another murder victim. Eventually she unveils a dreadful, 40-year-old secret that has turned a once-close friend into a cold-blooded murderer.