Guys Don’t Rat on Guys


Kevin Hurley’s younger days were something to survive, rather than celebrate, so it’s no mystery why he is reluctant to return to his hometown. After nearly twenty years of keeping skeletons in the closet, his visit stirs up old memories, haunted by the people who made them. His encounters with those from his past are at first mystifying—until a rush of memory shows Kevin who, what, and why he is who he is.

His parents’ abusive relationship is at the brink, his sisters are moving on with their own lives, and Kevin is left alone to face Lefty—the man who would make Kevin grow up before his time.

The mind of a child is simple and sincere—but for Kevin it becomes a dangerous place where trust and loyalty die young. If he is to have a future he must make peace with all that came before.

Guys Don’t Rat on Guys is a funny, touching, and daring novel about one man’s journey to his past—so that he can finally begin to embrace his future.