Dirty Boys


FBI Special Agent John Booker is one of the Bureau’s best. He’s spent years infiltrating the Italian Mafia but when a few random corpses begin to ferment a New York landfill, the Bureau has had enough of Booker’s antics. John is an irreverent and sarcastic former Marine who received a slewful of medals in Iraq. The agent also has a decided resentment of authority and rulebooks. This proves a problem with the inflexible FBI, so they transfer him to an office job on the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). His new supervisor is a rigid bureaucrat who is indirectly responsible for the deaths of two undercover agents, one of which was Booker’s mentor.

But Booker’s life changes when he meets a gorgeous and sexy Egyptian professor with a past. Suehad Faisan is not your typical Muslim with her Victoria’s Secret undies and western views, and, she has a past. Booker is not happy with either his supervisor or his new assignment but decides to give the JTTF his best. When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is murdered by muggers, Booker begins to unravel an international plot designed to slowly destroy America from the inside out. Terrorists conspire to diminish America’s might and global influence by infecting our very DNA. They plan to erode the very foundations that have made America the greatest nation ever. Their goal is to infect our schools, financial institutions, government, military and our very will. They wreak havoc with major computer viruses, blackouts, and a massive health epidemic, and orchestrate catastrophes that seem unrelated and not part of an international conspiracy. Booker determines that America’s traditional enemies cannot win a conventional war with bullets or even a shadow war using terrorist techniques. Russia’s infrastructure has crumbled, China is more capitalist than communist, and Iran’s incompetence makes their nuclear capabilities more a threat to themselves than others. ISIS, AlQaida and the Taliban may prove dangerous, but can never deliver a knockout punch to America. Booker eventually connects the dots that involve a partnership between two of America’s most vile enemies. Their plan is to weaken the US minus any bombs, bullets or beheadings. But Booker can’t convince his bosses, and the FBI suits force Booker to go rogue.

Booker teams up with two salty Cleveland Police officers and FBI agents Gwen McNulty and Fred Gregory to save the country. He has a chance meeting with CIA operations officer Frank Nash who asks Booker, “What if a few terrorists were both brilliant and organized?” “Then,” Booker concedes. “The United States would be in a world of shit.”