Blow Out the Candle

By Motti Sharir, Ora Cummings

“I always have horrible thoughts…if everything is so wonderful, isn’t it a question of time until something bad happens?”

And indeed, one day the world of Oneg Kaplanski, a young veterinarian, changes forever, as she becomes critically ill. Only a blood relative’s bone marrow can save her life. But her lab results reveal the shocking news: all her loved ones are complete strangers. Two people start a race against time to save Oneg’s life. Erga, her young, fearless sister, starts unfolding thirty-year-old secrets and lies, and an anonymous, psychopathic killer who follows the verse of an apocalyptic ballad eliminates three prominent doctors who shared a mutual love for horses (and more).

As the bodies of two of the “The 3 Horsemen” are found drained of blood, the third clinging to life, Inspector Ramzi Issa and his police team are at loss. The media is ecstatic while public pressure increases rapidly. This mystery must be solved in a matter of days—or else. The path leads through an old crime and cover-ups by high officials, fake identities and hospital files, and on top of everything else – an incriminating video. All answers are found in a final predawn meeting in a basement of a deserted noodle factory in the sleepy town of Ashqelon.