Biography and Memoir

The Roof: The Beatles’ Final Concert

Publication Date: 11/13/2018

HE WAS THERE! Apple Records former US manager Ken Mansfield takes a touching and comprehensive look back on one of Rock’n’Roll’s most significant events, while bringing an insider’s perspective to the days leading up to those 42 fascinating minutes of the Beatles monumental Rooftop Concert. There are moments in time…

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The Absolute Woman: It’s All About Feminine Power

Publication Date: 09/25/2018

As a young American designer in Paris during the swinging sixties, Vicky Tiel met Elizabeth Taylor, and married her makeup man. Tiel and Taylor became fast friends and confidants, sharing their mutual love of sexy, fitted clothes and a fun-loving lifestyle. Along with Parsons classmate Mia Fonssagrives, they opened a…

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Behind the Murder Curtain: Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our Veterans

Publication Date: 09/18/2018

When Veterans Hospital patients on the road to recovery suddenly die in increasing numbers, it’s up to VA Special Agent in Charge Bruce Sackman to find out why. His shocking discovery rips open the hidden world of what goes on behind the bedside curtains when a killer doctor or nurse…

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Every. Single. Day.: Unstoppable Wisdom from a Year of Running

Publication Date: 08/21/2018

Like all of us these days, I’m too busy to exercise, and yet I managed to run Every.Single.Day. for a year—and believe me, if I can do it, you can do it too! We all know there are simple things we could and should be doing on a daily basis…

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From Me to You: Stories about Life, Love, Family, Faith, and How to Negotiate a Bigger Allowance

Publication Date: 08/07/2018

A father creates a remarkable coming-of-age gift for his daughter: stories of love, wisdom, and family that have guided his path through life as she prepares to embark on her own. How does a father tell his child how to live a meaningful life? How does father tell his child…

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From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand

Publication Date: 07/31/2018

Once a teenaged mom, Ronessa “Ronne” Brown defeated the odds by stepping over the stereotypes surrounding her to take her family’s destiny into her own hands. Ronne’s “no excuses” mantra transformed their lives, from being stuck an endless cycle of “jobs” to becoming a millionaire—all by teaching herself how to…

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Then We Grew Up: A Post-College Journey into Adulthood

Publication Date: 07/24/2018

Where was the heads-up? There was no warning from parents, no preamble from professors or mentors, no cautions from older siblings or close friends. How is this possible? Post-college life can be amazing, but it is also hard. So much will happen to us during this phase in our lives,…

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We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People

Publication Date: 07/10/2018

It has been more than fifty years since the Civil Rights Act enshrined equality under the law for all Americans. Since that time, America has enjoyed an era of unprecedented prosperity, domestic and international peace, and technological advancement. It’s almost as if removing the shackles of enforced racial discrimination has…

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A Mouse Divided: How Ub Iwerks Became Forgotten, and Walt Disney Became Uncle Walt

Publication Date: 07/03/2018

In 1928, two very different best friends invented Mickey Mouse. And the success tore them apart. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks’s friendship is a story of betrayal, love, war, money, power, tragedy, intrigue, humor, despair, and hope. You’ll love them both—when you don’t want to drop anvils on their heads.…

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Lincoln’s Planner: A Unique Look at the Civil War Through the President’s Daily Activities

Publication Date: 06/26/2018

Manipulative Cabinet members, opportunistic hack congressmen, a people yearning for freedom—does this sound familiar? But we are not talking about present-day—these were some of the same issues facing Abraham Lincoln.Lincoln’s Planner follows our sixteenth president through the Civil War, showing what he did and wrote each day, as reflected in surviving…

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